“It’s a tragedy, time is against him”

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The tennis legend Martina Navratilova is worried and, above all, pessimistic about Andy Murray’s professional future. The 9-time Wimbledon winner explained how she hopes the best for the Scot, but stressed that things are not going well for Andy. And above all, specifying how time is against the 3-time Slam champion.

“I’ve sprained my ankle before, but I’ve never torn a ligament. It will take time. Time is not on his side. It’s not a good sign. I don’t know how you can recover well enough to feel stable and not hurt other parts of your body.

It’s a tragedy and he’s been through a lot. I wish him the best, but things aren’t going well,” she said in an interview with Sky Sport.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray© Al Bello / Staff Getty Images Sport

Andy Murray’s nebulous professional future

A few days ago Murray announced that he had suffered a total rupture of the talofibular ligament in his ankle and a lesion of the calcaneofibular ligament.

The period of inactivity to be respected has not yet been established, but the injury is serious and the Scotsman will need time to return to play.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray© Brennan Asplen / Stringer Getty Images Sportù

The former ATP No.1 had announced a few weeks ago that this would most likely be his last season and his plan was almost certainly to say goodbye to tennis at Wimbledon, his favorite tournament which he won twice, but this latest stop changed things again .

“Towards the end of my match in Miami, I suffered a total rupture of the fibula-talar ligament and a tear of the calcanopibular ligament. I will see an ankle specialist when I return home to determine the next steps. It’s a hard thing to accept obviously and I’ll be out for a long time. But I’ll be back with a hip and no ligaments when the time comes,” wrote Murray the day after the match lost in Miami against Toma Machac.

A situation that certainly does not bode well for the imminent future of the Glasgow native, whose return to the field appears to be a real enigma.

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