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Victim of a serious back injury in 2022, Alexander Levy has undeniably made a successful return to competition in Abu Dhabi after almost a year without playing. Best Frenchman at the end of the first round, he returned to the microphone of the DP World Tour on his performance.

Alexander Levy, results

“It’s great, I was so excited to be there. Can’t wait to make my return and just enjoy it. That’s what I said to myself at the start of the 10. “Just try to have fun, enjoy it and we’ ll see what happens Honestly, I had no other expectations, I wanted to play golf, have fun, and see if my body could hold the 18 holes without feeling pain.

I went through some tough times at home, but after a few months I decided I needed to stop feeling depressed and start training, getting my body ready for the day I was going to make my return. I wanted to try to come back stronger physically than I have ever been.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the past six months. My only concern is my body. Golf takes a back seat. All that matters is being able to play without it hurting me. I know what I’m capable of on a course , so I only think about my body”.

The PGA Tour is an organization that curates major professional golf tours in the United States. It is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida. Its official name is written in all capital letters, ie “PGA TOUR”.

The PGA Tour became its own organization in 1968 when it split from the PGA of America, which is now primarily an association of golf professionals, such as instructors and club managers. Tournament players first formed their own organization, the Association of Professional Golfers ).

Later, in 1968, the players abolished the APG and agreed to operate as the PGA “Tournament Players Division”, a fully autonomous division of the PGA, overseen by a new 10-member Tournament Policy Board[1]. The name then officially changed to “PGA Tour” in 1975.

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