Alexander Zverev’s spokesperson reveals ‘realistic’ comeback date for world No. 2

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Alexander Zverev’s spokesperson noted the German is still hoping to be able to compete at the US Open but also added that a mid-September return looks more realistic. Zverev, 25, tore several ankle ligaments during his French Open semifinal match versus Rafael Nadal.

Zverev has been out since but he is making a positive progress from an ankle surgery. The US Open starts on August 29, and after skipping Wimbledon, Zverev would certainly prefer to avoid back-to-back Grand Slam exits. “Sascha is recovering well and is still hoping that he can be ready for the US Open,” a spokesperson told Reuters, as quoted on Tennis365.

“However, it is still too early to tell if he will be able to compete there or not”.

Zverev more likely to return in September

Hamburg will be one of four hosts cities for the group stage of the Davis Cup Finals and Zverev is hoping to lead Germany in Group C against France, Belgium and Australia.

The group stage of the Davis Cup Finals takes place between September 13-18. “Davis Cup in Hamburg in September seems more realistic but we keep our fingers crossed that he will be ready earlier,” the spokesperson added.

“Therefore, he should be able to play a few events before Tokyo”. Zverev doesn’t require crutches anymore as he has started doing gym work. “The days are very long,” Zverev said. “You start very early and finish in the evening.

We do a lot of exercises, there are always new ones that are added permanently. The foot is treated, mobility is worked out, strength and stability are rebuilt. In some cases, normal walking and running are re-learned. I do sprint exercises in the water, training sessions on the treadmill and bicycle”.

It remains to be seen if Zverev will be able to recover in time for the US Open, the place where he reached his first Grand Slam final in 2020.

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