Another Djokovic in tennis? Novak Djokovic’s little son ‘fully immersed into tennis’

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20-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic reveals his son Stefan is “fully immersed into tennis” but adds it’s too early to speak about the chances of his son following in his footsteps and becoming a tennis pro.

When Djokovic is at home and has some spare time, he loves to spend time with his son on a practice court and give him tennis lessons. “I try to use every available opportunity to play with him because he’s right now fully immersed into tennis.

Everything around tennis, how he can play, he’s watching, he’s analysing. I will support him in any possible way I can so that he can be professional tennis player, if he really wants to,” Djokovic said, per Tennis365.

“But it’s too early to speak about it, to be honest. He’s not even eight-years-old. It’s important for me that we have a relationship as a father and son, before anything else, and that he’s enjoying life.

I feel like it’s very important to have, particularly at this young age, a lot of stimulus to the children from different perspectives and different sports and different movement, different activities”.

Djokovic and his son won in the same

Djokovic’s first lone title of the season came at the Rome Masters mid-May.

The same week, seven-year-old Stefan won his first tournament back home in Serbia. When Djokovic was asked about it, he revealed his son was on Cloud Nine. “We had a chat the last few days about the routines and the things he should do before a match and leading him into this world… The first official tournament or match always stays very fondly in your memory.

We just spoke and he was on Cloud Nine with all the family. It was nice. He’s doing really well so far, he’s in love with the sport. He was up late last night and he was showing me forehands and backhands and how he was going to move, playing shadow tennis. I used to do that as a kid”.

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