Coco Gauff will be trained by her father!

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The US young tennis star Coco Gauff, during a press conference before the tournament in Stuttgartspoke of her separation from the coach Diego Moyano.
Gauff said it wasn’t her decision to part ways with Moyano, and it was due to some personal issues from her former coach.

She explained: “It wasn’t really my decision. He was having some personal stuff going onso he had to step down. So I wouldn’t say it was something that I think we both didn’t want to happen because we had so much fun together.” Coco also talked about who will coach her in this transitional moment.

She explained: “As far as coaching, right now it’s just me and my dad, back with him! You know, I had a goal to get a coach before the clay season, but I feel like after Miami when I found out from Diego, so I didn’t have much time to decide.”

Coco talked and praised her former coach

Gauff faced Veronika Kudermetova in the round of 32 of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, winning in three sets.

At the press conference on the eve of the won match, Coco Gauff discussed the evolution of her game over the past year. When asked what Diego Moyano helped bring to his game, she said: “I think with Diego, I mean, I definitely became a better player on clay.

That showed in the results. I think I became a better decision maker. I think I made better decisions in court. As for me playing more aggressively, I think it’s someone, that I need someone now I guess you keep reminding me. like I have that conscience in my head at this moment, so when I’m in practice, I’m looking to do it more.” Gauff also talked about his serve: “I think it helped me a lot with my serve.

I was leading or top 3 on the tour with double faults. Now I don’t think I’m top 10 on that. So I think it’s That was probably the biggest improvement I made with him.”

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