Danielle Collins compares the different perception of men’s and women’s tennis

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“After I talked about my cases of endometriosis and rheumatoid arthritis, many people affected by the same problems contacted me to support me. For many people it comes as a surprise that a professional of my age comes into contact with these health problems.”

With these words, Danielle Collins opened up about the health problems that have affected her in 2021, in an interesting interview with Tennis Magazin. The tennis player confessed how her colleagues have been her greatest support, also underlining the different perception that there is between women’s and men’s tennis.

“I confess that my colleagues have been my greatest support. There is great cohesion within the WTA locker room. Sometimes people only think about my history, but it’s a shame because I do many excellent things on the court both from the both mentally and physically .

I tend to focus on my emotions. I’m often labeled an emotional player. Men are never described or defined that way. It is a problem of society, the way in which women’s sport is described is very different if we compare it with men’s sport. There is still a lot to improve,” she explained.

Danielle Collins
Danielle Collins© Clive Brunskill/Staff Getty Images Sport

Danielle Collins will leave tennis to pursue her projects

After almost eliminating Iga Swiatek in the second round of the Australian Open, Danielle revealed in a press conference that this will be her last season as a professional. The player admitted that she can’t wait to stop in order to dedicate herself to some projects that she has always dreamed of realizing.

Her first dream will concern the possibility of becoming a mother. Collins had to stop for several months in 2021 due to an operation in the pelvic-abdominal area which she underwent to treat a bad endometriosis.

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