Golf players are furious about the problem at St.Andrews!

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Many golfers are unhappy with the conditions at St.Andrews. One of the first to express his dissatisfaction is Matt Fitzpatrick. He is furious about the slow play and explained his view; “It’s just a joke, isn’t it?” Fitzpatrick said after a level-par 72 for skysports.”

Like six hours, 10 (minutes). This just shouldn’t be happening ever in golf. It’s the way the golf course is set up. It’s how firm it is. The way the golf course is designed. “You’re crossing over a lot, and to get better angles and better lines, you’ve got to hit across all the fairways.

There’s nothing you can do unfortunately about it. It’s just sad more than anything. It’s just ridiculous.” Max Homa was also angry because all this led to the par-four five taking about an hour to play. “Got to 14, waited on the tee for a while,” Homa said.

“Then they [the group ahead] said we were going to hit up on them, and they let us drive. So we hit our drive. When we got up there, we waited 20 minutes for them to hit, which meant we had to wait another 20 after that for us to hit.

It was very bizarre.”

Morikawa on the situation

Defending champion Collin Morikawa couldn’t believe it had come to this. Collin commented on the situation together with Xander Schauffele. “I figured it would be slow, but I didn’t know it would be this slow.

We were waiting on groups at tees, waiting on fairways. “Xander [Schauffele] and I talked about it, we’re watching more golf than we ever have. You stay in the fairway and you’re watching two other groups play golf.”

Rory McIlroy seems to have resigned himself to such a situation. “It’s quite stop-start but I think St Andrews is that way,” McIlroy said. “There’s a lot of crisscrossing and waiting on other greens and waiting on greens to clear because they ‘re drivable par fours.

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