He compared him to a golf star!

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Nicolai Hojgaard’s talent amazes Adam Scott: He compared him to a golf star!
© Octavio Passos / Getty Images Sport

Nicolai Hojgaard is a professional golfer who is an excellent example of how you can achieve big goals in a short period of time. In spite of the fact that the Danish golfer is only 22 years old, it is already apparent that he is one of the greatest talents in the golfing world.

Despite his young age, Hojgaard is one of Donald’s wild cards. Watching Nicolai’s performances was a very impressive experience for a lot of golfers. A good example of this is Adam Scott. This experienced golfer had the opportunity to play against a young Dane.

It was immediately apparent to him what a talent he is!

Nicolai Hojgaard© Octavio Passos / Getty Images Sport

“I was really impressed, I have to say. I was saying to my caddie, it’s been a while since I have played with a young kid who made me sit back and take notice.

His speed is incredible. If he figures out a short game, the sky’s the limit. Obviously he has a pretty good one but if he takes it to top-of-the-world level, there’s nothing stopping a kid like that”. – Scott said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com!

Adam Scott compares Nicolai and Dustin Johnson

Scott believe that Nicolai has what it takes to become one of the biggest stars of the future. In addition, he also compared him to Dustin Johnson. There is a lot of resemblance between the young Dane and Johnson, in his opinion.

Nicolai possesses the same drive and passion that Dustin has had throughout his career. With the right guidance, Scott believes Nicolai can reach the same heights that Johnson has achieved.“I would just tell him to become a great wedge player because he is never going to lose that hitting ability.

Dustin Johnson worked really hard on his wedges and became a machine out on tour. It looks like Dustin playing to me”. Words from such stars can be a huge motivation for Nicolai Hojgaard.

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