“I risked being disqualified. It was a stupid move”

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Mirra Andreeva: “I risked being disqualified. It was a stupid move”
(Provided by Tennis World USA)

Mirra Andreeva’s path, at the Roland Garros 2023, was interrupted in the third round under the shots of a very concentrated Coco Gauff. The challenge between the tennis baby prodigies was characterized by a first set that was as long as it was fought.

Set brought home by the very young Russian player in the tie-break. However, Gauff completely changed pace and closed the next two partials without worries with a double 6-1During the tie-break that ended the first half of the game, Andreeva threw the ball towards the stands and risked disqualification after losing the point at 6-4.

Andreeva: “I risked being disqualified, I was stupid”

The young Russian tennis player explained in the press conference, after the defeat: “Did I risk disqualification? Yes, I immediately thought I made a really stupid move, that gesture wasn’t necessary.

I had to behave better. It was really bad what I did. I thought about disqualification, but I only received a warning. It was a difficult match for mebut I’ll try to think of positive things, I’ll learn from this defeat. The first set was tough, we both lost serve many times. I only thought about playing well and won the first set, but winning a partial is not enough.

Something went wrong starting from the second set. I was disappointed and thought more about my mistakes than about the match. I have to take away only the positive aspects with me. I made it through the qualifying tournament, won two big games.

I will continue to work and try to fix the wrong things. I hope everything goes well. My next tournament should be Wimbledon, but I don’t have a visa yet and therefore my participation is not safe. I might play some ITF tournaments, but I don’t know anything yet.” When she was asked to elaborate on the visa issuethe Russian stated: “I don’t know anything.

I listen to what my team and my parents tell me. So if you want to know anything about it, you have to ask them. I don’t know anything!”

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