If Serena Williams and Venus Williams saw this today, they’ll be proud

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Cori Gauff’s first-round match at the San Diego Open was more than just a regular match for the American tennis star as she is hoping that she and Robin Montgomery have made Serena and Venus Williams proud. At the WTA 500 event in San Diego, 18 -year-old Gauff took on fellow 18-year-old African-American Robin Montgomery.

Gauff and Montgomery were playing against each other for the first time on the pro level, but they have known each for a decade. After Gauff claimed a 6-3 6-3 win over Montgomery, she praised the 18-year-old’s performance and level.

β€œI know Robin very well, we went on a couple USTA trips back when we were like eight years old. Pretty much friends ever since. She played really well. I expected a good level from her. (I) was pretty impressed with how well she was striking the ball, it was difficult for me.

I told her at the end of the match, maybe next time we play, it’s not in a first round match, maybe we’ll play in a final,” Gauff said, per the WTA website.

Gauff hopes she, Montgomery have made the Williams sisters proud

Girls like Gauff and Montgomery grew up watching Serena and Venus as the Williams sisters were the ones that inspired them to believe their tennis dreams could one day become a reality.

The Williams sisters transcended the game and left a major mark in tennis history as they paved a way for girls like Gauff and Montgomery to be successful in the game. β€œIt definitely affects the future a lot. I think if Serena and Venus saw this today , two 18-year-olds, both African Americans, playing on the WTA 500 level, I think they’ll be proud and I think both of us are products of their legacy.

I’m grateful that I had those examples to follow after and I hope that I can maybe be an example myself,” Gauff added. When Gauff was just 15 at 2019 Wimbledon, she stunned Venus Williams. Unfortunately for Gauff, she didn’t get a chance to play Serena Williams.

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