I’m not sure I know golf anymore

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Hal Sutton disappointed with PGA Tour: I’m not sure I know golf anymore

The PGA Tour and its leaders are under enormous criticism and pressure, especially after the merger with LIV Golf. Many are in a dilemma as to which direction the PGA Tour is going, and whether it will really preserve its integrity and the status it had all those years ago.

The appearance of LIV Golf further complicated things for this prestigious Tour, which found itself in difficult moments. A solution had to be found as soon as possible, and it seems that a merger, judging by the reactions of PGA Tour leaders, was the only logical solution.

However, many do not share their opinion with them. Hal Suttona man who has accomplished a lot on the PGA Tour, is disappointed with the current situation on the PGA Tour. Sutton is trying to be optimistic about the future of the PGA Tour, but they don’t seem to be going in the right direction.“I see a lot of greed to be honest with you.

You know, I wore out two hips and a left knee walking to the model of charity is the biggest winner every week, and I pray that the PGA Tour does not lose that.”- he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com

Hal Sutton reacted

Sutton is a man who was with the PGA Tour in the most difficult moments, even when money was not the main motivator for the game.

This experienced golfer is disappointed by the reaction of today’s golfers, who have less and less love for golf and more and more love for money. “I was proud to be part of that. I was proud that we weren’t trying to get every dollar we could possibly get, but it feels that way now.

I could never imagine saying that I don’t love golf, I only play because I’m good at it. I could never imagine saying that”. Golf is experiencing difficult moments at the moment.“It’s just a different world. Like I said a second ago, I’m not sure I know golf anymore”.

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