Jay Monahan exclusively on regrets, apologies and reasons for taking time off

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Jay Monahan exclusively on regrets, apologies and reasons for taking time off

PGA Tour Commissioner, Jay Monahanhas finally decided to speak out after the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger. It has already been two months since the news about the merger between two rival Tours appeared. Many harshly criticized Monahan, given that there were no indications that any agree ment would be reached.

In addition, golfers are furious that they were not informed of what was going to happen. Monahan seems aware of his mistakes though. In a media interview, Monahan admitted that he has regrets.“My biggest regret was not being more patient on the night of June 5th,” Monahan said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com“I think moving to make this announcement the next day, if I could do it over again, we don’t get do-overs in this sport, I would have flown up to [the RBC Canadian Open] and would have communicated directly to the players that day before anything was said publicly.

But it wouldn’t change my belief and my determination for what we had accomplished”. Monahan is ready to apologize and correct the mistakes he made. As many times before, he emphasized that he cares deeply for golfers.“For those that I lost [trust] with, I’m determined to regain it,” he said.

“I see a clear path to doing that, as difficult as that may seem right now for some. I care deeply about our players. I care deeply about this Tour. I care deeply about our model”.

Jay Monahan explains why he took his time off

Jay Monahan explained why he took time off.

It is obvious that the pressure that arose after the merger was too great for him, and it was necessary for him to rest for a while, and to take care of his physical and mental health. Monahan, by all accounts, is much better now .“It builds over time, it affects everybody differently, and it had been affecting me,” he said.

“It was particularly acute that day [June 6]but again, I realized the position I was in and said this is the right time to go take care of myself. I knew that we had a great team in place, and I knew that I had – ultimately, you can’t wait when you’re in a situation like that, and I needed to deal with it, and I needed to deal with it for my family, as I said, for myself, and ultimately to be as strong as I can possibly be for the players”.

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