Jelena Djokovic rips journalist for labeling her husband as ‘anti-vax posterboy’

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Jelena Djokovic wasn’t impressed with her husband Novak Djokovic being described as “an anti-vax posterboy.” Shortly after Djokovic won his seventh Wimbledon title, tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg tweeted about the possibility of the Serb missing out on the US Open because of his vaccination status.

“Unless there is a swift change in US immigration law, Wimbledon will be Djokovic’s last Grand Slam event of the year. US requires vaccination for foreigners to enter, and Djokovic has firmly said he has ruled out getting vaccinated, entrenching himself as an anti- vax posterboy,” Rothenberg tweeted folllowing Djokovic’s Wimbledon win.

Jelena Djokovic noticed the tweet and safe to say she wasn’t happy with the anti-vax posterboy label. “Excuse me. Just making sure that it is noted that YOU tagged him as antivax poster boy for whatever reason you have.

He simply responded what HIS body choice is,” Jelena Djokovic wrote in response.

Rothenberg tried to explain himself by stating: “I understand that it’s his choice, but I also am saying that his decision to be so firmly against the vaccines that it limits his ability to play tournaments has made him, unwittingly or not, into a huge icon of the anti-vax movement.

I saw this very clearly during Australia.”

Jelena Djokovic defends her husband

Jelena Djokovic suggested that her husband is unvaccinated because he is “simply choosing what’s best for his body,” not because he wants to be some kind of anti-vax icon.

“You are creating a very judgmental narrative that fits your agenda. He is simply choosing what’s best for his body. If he is not playing because of making that choice, he is fine with it,” Jelena Djokovic said in another response.

In the final response, Jelena Djokovic told Rothenberg to “please dont continuosly disappoint.”

“Thank you for sharing your beliefs. I hope you don’t get judged for them. Or become a poster boy for hatred and bullying. You never know,” Jelena Djokovic said in her last response to Rothenberg. “You are also influential figure , please don’t continuously disappoint.

Unless that’s your role.”

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