Jon Rahm Reveals the True Reasons Behind Joining LIV Golf

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Jon Rahm shocked the golf public with his decision to join LIV Golf last December. Although few expected the rumors circulating at that time to become reality, it happened. Jon Rahm was one of the best PGA Tour players in that period. The decision to join LIV Golf surprised his colleagues as well as PGA Tour officials.

The figure he received, which is assumed to be worth $500 million, was hard to refuse.

In an interview with’s ‘Breakthrough‘, Rahm spoke about his reasons for accepting LIV Golf’s offer. Namely, as we have already said, the money they offered him was huge. In addition, the division that appeared on the golf scene frustrated the Spaniard.

“I would say there was two instances,” he said.

“I think dynamics started to change right and there was a lot of division at that time and yes for me to want to change there had to be reasons beyond the money. So when I said that I fully meant that it’s true.”

Despite Rahm not typically being a materialistic person when offered such money, careful consideration is necessary. In those moments, the Spaniard contemplated his family and the prospect that such a contract would secure a stable future for them.

“Now when they slap you with a large amount of money in your face, your feelings do change. I try not to be a materialistic person but I do owe it to my family as well to set them up for success as best as I can , right. And having kids I think changed that quite a bit.

So yeah the money is a part of it, I’m not gonna lie and say no, it is. But again when I said that I wasn’t fully aware of what I was saying because you don’t understand.”

Rahm explained that being guaranteed entry into major tournaments was a big reason why he chose to join LIV. Winning the Masters was especially important in his decision-making, as it meant he could play in top tournaments for a long time.

He is aware that this is a huge advantage for him. This made his decision much easier. Playing in the biggest tournaments is every golfer’s dream. Most LIV Golfers do not have such privileges at the moment.

Rahm mentioned that the potential merger or framework agreement between the PGA and DP World Tours, along with the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, played a role in his decision to join LIV Golf. He expressed a desire to contribute to the reunification of golf and suggested that the agreement between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf influenced his consideration.

Jon Rahm on Joaquin Niemann’s recent win: Incredible start

Rahm discussed Joaquin Niemann’s recent win and the fact that Niemann won’t be able to participate in three out of the four major golf tournaments this year. Rahm praised Niemann’s skills, saying he believes Niemann deserves to compete in these major events and has the talent to potentially win them .

Niemann is a golfer who impressed many with his victory at LIV Mayakoba. The young Chilean looked phenomenal from the start of the tournament. Opponents could not match his qualities. Joaquin looked focused, ready and managed to achieve his goal. After the end of the tournament, golf experts and fans emphasized that this performance by the Chilean is indeed an indication of great things to come.

However, Rahm pointed out the unfortunate reality that Niemann will need to qualify for two Majors, and he might not even be able to play in two others. Rahm expressed sadness about this situation and expressed a hope for future changes in the qualification process or the World Ranking system to provide more opportunities for players in LIV Golf.

Jon Rahm hopes to see changes in the rules that would benefit him personally. Namely, looking at the current rules, Jon Rahm will not have the right to perform at next year’s Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black. There is hope that a lot will change soon . The PGA Tour-PIF deal is one of the options that would guarantee Rahm to play next year for the European team.

Rahm emphasized that many players in the league can compete and win Majors but may not have the chance soon. He concluded by stating that Niemann’s absence would lower the overall level of competition, even though he doesn’t see it as an asterisk on the tournament .

We’ll see what happens with Niemann and his chances to play. At this moment, the most important thing is that he focuses on his performances and strives to be better day by day.

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