Matt Fitzpatrick ahead of The Open: One thing worries me

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US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick wants to continue his good form at The Open. Even as a boy, he watched only the biggest tournaments, including this one. However, one thing worries him. “I’ve been to St Andrews many times, so kind of know what to expect, but I’m sure this week has a different atmosphere than normal,” Fitzpatrick said, as quoted by skysports.

“I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourite golf courses, but to experience it at an Open, it’s amazing. “It’s definitely one that I watched growing up. I didn’t really watch much golf growing up. It would be Ryder Cup, The Masters, and The Open, to be honest.

It was always held in high esteem when it comes to St Andrews. I love the area, and I think this week, with it being the Open here and my first one, I’m definitely going to enjoy it.

The Open record

His Open record is not something he can brag about, but this is an ideal chance to change things.

“I wouldn’t say my Open record is great at all. I’ll be honest, since I turned pro, obviously we play much less links golf. I feel like I’ve got worse in the links and wind since I turned pro . Other golf courses in wind, I’ve played fine.

“I feel like coming back here, lt has taken time just to get used to it and where to land it, how to fly it. We’re not put under that test as regularly out in regular events because either there’s no wind or it’s softer and you can just fly it to a certain spot.

Fitzpatrick is full of confidence and believes he has made a lot of progress. “Obviously I’d like to improve on my record, and I feel like I’ve obviously been playing much, much better since the last Open that I played.

It’s just trying to do more of the same this year, and like I say, just fix a couple things from last week and hopefully take into this week.”

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