Mouratoglou reveals how to serve like Roger Federer

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Serena Williams’ former coach and Simona Halep’s current coach Patrick Mouratoglou revealed, in a new video posted on his YouTube channel, how to serve like Roger Federer. In the video, Mouratoglou shows Federer’s famous serving technique by teaching it to the 2021 Orange Bowl Champion Svit Suljic.

tip that may help you get a good grasp of Roger Federer’s serving technique is to observe the Swiss Maestro’s serving technique. A fan decided to Google photographs of the Swiss Maestro’s serving form.

He discovered a number of them, but even when the venues in the photographs varied, Federer’s form did not. So the tennis fan decided to cut a 15-second film of Roger’s unwavering serving position.

The fan took inspiration for his creation from LA-based video director Ari Fararooy, who works with famous brands and artists all over the world.

“A video I made to celebrate Federer’s 39th birthday! I created this by googling “Roger Federer serve”, the fan captioned the short video.

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