Nick Kyrgios answers how he got his famous ‘King Kyrgios’ nickname

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Nick Kyrgios reveals the King Kyrgios nickname became a thing after tennis fans decided to call him by his Instagram handle. Through various tennis channels, Kyrgios is often referred to as “King Kyrgios.” On Instagram, Kyrgios’ handle goes “k1ngkyrgios “During A conversation with the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, Kyrgios was asked to reveal how he got his King Kyrgios nickname.

“I think I made my Instagram when I was about 10 years old, and that was my handle. I guess I haven’t changed it since. So, it just stayed around. And as I was playing these tournaments and when I beat Federer , Djokovic, and Nadal for the first time on my first try.

I guess that kinda nickname stuck in tennis world. Tennis fans started, you know, bringing signs and wearing shirts with King all over it, and I guess it just stuck and kind of embraced my tennis career. It’s almost like a villain.

That’s just what it is,” Kyrgios said in a video for the Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

Kyrgios hopefully nearing a tennis return

After a career-best season in 2022, Kyrgios was hoping to start 2023 in a strong way and become a Grand Slam champion at the Australian Open.

Unfortunately, Kyrgios sustained a knee injury during the offseason and he decided to surgically address the issue just days after being forced to withdraw from the Australian Open. The initial reports suggested Kyrgios could return to action in Indian Wells – but that didn’t happen.

Since Kyrgios hasn’t played any tournaments during the clay season, the general belief is that the Australian is waiting on the grass season to make his return. “It is disappointing that he’s had this surgery but it means two things, he’s had his knee cleaned up and is going to be back better than ever.

But also, we have this time to get him fitter and stronger than he was this time last year. It’s all green lights,” Kyrgios’ manager Daniel Horsfall said in February.

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