‘Rafael Nadal struggled to make eye contact’, says legend

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Although he is aware that the end is getting closer, at the moment Rafael Nadal does not waste his energy thinking about an early retirement. The 36-year-old Spanish tennis player and current number three in the world trusts that his physique will allow him to stay active for a long time and thus have the possibility of continuing to stretch his record in the Grand Slams.

“Things cannot be prepared with a lot of time, I don’t think that life allows you to have a prediction, I don’t even think about it, it will be as it has to be. It is something that, when it has to be, will be.

In that sense, we will live it in the way that we have to live it and at the moment that it is, right now I am in other things. I always say the same thing, you can’t prepare things that much, you have to live things naturally, I think Roger (Federer) didn’t have it prepared either”, commented the winner of 22 “majors”.

β€œHe has had the farewell he deserved, it could have been on the track, something that seemed difficult a few weeks ago, but this was vital for him. I am happy that he was able to say goodbye on the track, I would also like to, I am clear about it.

But I don’t think about it, because when you start thinking about it, it means that something isn’t working, at the moment my head tells me that I still want this to continue”, added the Mallorcan. Rafa has been weighing down a series of physical problems that could be decisive when he decides to put an end to his impressive career.

For now, she hopes to recover her energy, be with her husband at the birth of her first child and later think about tennis again. How many years do you think are left in Rafael Nadal’s career?

Federer opens up on Nadal

Roger Federer recollected the days when Rafael Nadal first entered the tour as a teenager.

“I remember him as a young boy coming up on tour, being rather shy, very flamboyant and outgoing on the court but away from it he was very shy. He struggled to make eye contact,” Roger Federer said. “As time went by , he became a very strong personality, more confident as well and had his own way which I was happy to see.

Today, it’s just fascinating to see how through all the rivalries and through all the tough matches that we’ve had, we always keep a very strong bond. I guess it comes from the connection that comes from our parents, from our teams, and having played so many big matches that went either way, and I think its nice today we have this type of relationship,” he added.

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