“Rahm isn’t valued as it should be”

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Larrazabal: “Rahm isn’t valued as it should be”
(Provided by Tennis World USA)

Pablo Larrazábal (Barcelona, ​​1983) arrives at Royal Liverpool, home of the 151st British Open starting Thursday, with a discreet baggage of results in recent weeks after achieving two victories on the European Tour in spring.

With the Ryder Cup (“the tournament played in September”, as the Catalan calls it to take the pressure off a possible entry into the European team) in his sights, Pablo attends to MD with his usual camaraderie.

Pablo Larrazabal, statements

“In the end, what I have left to do or not, what do you want me to tell you…

Yes, it is true that I have not played my best golf in a World Cup, Rolex Series or ‘Major’ but we continue working to get into the big events and once inside finish as high as possible. Playing in America I have never felt comfortable, but I have not been able to display my best golf in the ‘majors’ either.

It only remains to continue, and try again, and someday it will come out. Feeling relaxed and calm so that golf flows as much as possible. The tranquility. But a ‘major’ doesn’t give it to you. at you with a magnifying glass while on the European Tour there is almost no pressure in this regard.

Our game is good enough to fight for victory in a Grand Slam.”In my work team we have banned the word ‘Ryder’ Playing it is the result of doing it very well every day, and as long as we dedicate ourselves to working well so that there are options, yes, the September tournament is one of the objectives.

But I don’t want to eat the jar, playing the Ryder has been able to get into my head and that’s what we don’t want. The percentage that there is to enter depends on me. If I play well, I’ll be there, if I don’t play well, I won’t be there, it depends exclusively on me.”We got to know each other a bit more.

In the end I didn’t play my best golf but surely he wanted to see me and know a little more, see how he was doing; The September tournament is in two and a half months and I repeat that I don’t lose sleep . Legally I don’t know if I can talk.

I see it strange, different, in the end it is a war between billionaires, strange, in which I don’t know who will win in the end but I do tell you that if we all unite, golf will surely win. with yourself gives you almost everything.

I have a great time with Adriana, she is my best friend and she helps me a lot.”In the end Jon unfortunately plays in the US We haven’t kicked him out but he has made roots in another country and he is not valued as he should be.

In golf it seems that if you don’t win you don’t succeed. After Seve and Txema (Olazábal) Jon is the next super mega star and should be valued much more from the media and the society we have. Sergio García was number 2 in the world like Olazábal.

In Spain there have been two world number 1s and three double majors winners. Yes, Sergio coincided with Tiger while Jon does not have a super figure in front of him. In Spain we do not value as a country what Jon Rahm is worth right now .In golf you don’t win often and it’s difficult to play every week against 150 rivals”.

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