‘Roger Federer always wanted to know the reason behind…’, says top coach

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Nobody imagined everything that 2022 could bring to professional tennis. Many imagined the triumphs of Nadal or Djokovic, the new generation having battled with Alcaraz or Sinner, but other news also stood out in the information landscape.

Several exceptional situations have occurred, tennis players have been excluded due to events related to Covid (Novak Djokovic’s rejection of the vaccine cost him the Australian Open and the US Open) and related to Russia, with Russian athletes and Belarusians excluded from the historic Wi to the situation generated by the war.

Beyond the aforementioned, tennis also experienced very emotional moments with the farewells to the sport of legends such as the American champion, Serena Williams, and the Swiss champion, Roger Federer. Initially, the Swiss star wanted to go all the way to play at least one Grand Slam tournament and perhaps try for one last incredible result.

Federer, however, was blocked by constant knee problems and for this reason he retired not participating in tournaments, but playing a doubles match in the Laver Cup with his friend and great rival, Rafael Nadal. Roger Federer’s career has come to an end, but people are still talking about the winner of 20 Grand Slam titles.

In the last few hours, “the genius from Basel” (as he is sometimes nicknamed by his fans) made his first public outing in his native Switzerland, arriving in his home country to receive a major award. Roger received the honorary “Swiss Sport Award”, a recognition from his country for all he has done throughout his career.

At 41 years old, Roger is one of the most important athletes in the history of his country and the sixth to receive this extraordinary distinction.

Annacone reflects on King Roger

Retired American player and Roger Federer’s former coach, Paul Annacone, has given an insight into the Swiss legend’s mindset from the time he was a child.

“Yeah, I think it’s almost unfortunate because people thought that it came so easily, he didn’t ever have to do anything,” Annacone said. “Well, I can tell you first-hand that the pre-season training sessions in Dubai After the US Open with Pierre Paganini and Severin Luthi, it was very strategic.

He spent a ton of time in the gym, he spent a ton of time on the practice court. And one of the things that I found most interesting about Roger was that the first time I met him, we talked about doing something and I asked him to do it, and he said, “Why?” I said, “What do you mean why?” And he goes, “Well, when I was a kid, everyone used to call me the ‘Why Man’

I’m happy to do it but you have to tell me why and how does it fit into my game.” And that mantra lasted from the day he started to the day he stopped as a professional tennis player,” he added.

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