Rolex celebrates its 41 years with The Open

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“I never played golf with a watch on my wrist, but I always put it on as soon as I walked off the course. My watch and wallet was the first thing I went for. So every time I’ve lifted a trophy, every time I’ve I travel, someone takes a photo with me, my watch also appears because it is part of me”

This phrase is from Jack Nicklaus, who back in 1966 chose -and was given to him in 1967- what would be the most important watch of his life, an 18-carat yellow gold Rolex Day-Date, which Gary Player helped him to choose Since then, that piece accompanied him around the world and acted as a notary of all his successes, a witness to the history of the best golfer ever.

It was not his only watch from the Swiss brand, but it was the one he wore throughout his career. He only left his wrist very recently, for a very special reason. The ‘Golden Bear’ decided to auction it for charity in order to allocate the proceeds to treat sick children through the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation.

Jack was one of the great players who has worn a Rolex on his wrist. Among the great golf figures that belong to the prestigious Rolex family, several who have won The Open, in addition to Nicklaus himself. Gary Player, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson , Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth.

are just some of its representatives.

Rolex, The Open

Rolex commemorates this edition its 41 years of union with The Open, the oldest ‘major’ in the world. The collaboration between the Swiss firm and golf began in 1967, when Arnold Palmer became the sport’s first ‘Testimonial’

Since then, the brand has become the official watch and main partner of several prominent sporting events, as well as their protagonists. This year Rolex is present at the home of golf, at St. Andrews, on the oldest course in the world, as it has been at the other courses entering the British Open rotation.

The Open will always be part of the history of world sport and the most prestigious watch brand walks alongside this eternal tournament. Rolex enjoys a privileged relationship with golf, based on shared values: respect for tradition, responsibility, technical precision, the elegance of movement tournament , the perpetual search for excellence and a commitment to generations to come.

Currently, the collaboration between Rolex and golf extends to various areas of the sport: with governing bodies and world rankings, with the great figures of international golf, and with the circuits and ‘majors’, both male and female, professional and amateur, at senior and junior levels.

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