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Caroline Wozniacki has done it: she can beat even the best
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Caroline Wozniacki was defeated in the third round of the US Open 2023 against Coco Gauff: the young American is looking for her first Grand Slam title. A happy return for Caroline, where she is absent for three years and has two children.The strong and beautiful tennis player did it: she proved that she can beat even the best tennis players and still play at excellent levels. This means that her return to the WTA Tour can still give her fans great emotions and great satisfaction for her.

Can she aspire to play a leading role in 2024? Yes, absolutely, she can. Her experience, her determination and her athletic qualities will be able to guarantee her moments that are still important for her amazing career, which can start again from here.

Wozniacki will come back in 2024

After her loss to Gauff, she told in the press conference: “Obviously I’m disappointed now. I wanted to move forward in this tournament. But, you know, all in all, I think I did a good job this week overall.

I think I played enough well, very consistently. I think there are a lot of things I can take away with me from playing this Slam, and of course I’ve beaten some great players along the way. Coco played a little bit better than me today, I think she really stepped up when she counted.”Caroline Wozniacki has clear ideas about what she has learned from these US Opens and is satisfied: “When I arrived, I wanted to see where I was in terms of tennis, how I was physically and everything else.

I think I learned a lot from this point of view I think I’m exactly where I want to be. There are still some things I want to work on and where I can do better. But in general I think it’s very positive. think every event I’ve played, I’ve played a little bit better.

Every game I’ve played here, I’ve played a little better each time. I carry many positive aspects with me.”Also in the press conference, the Danish tennis player confirmed that in 2023 she will no longer play any tournament and that her return season is over.

She will then return to Melbourne for the first Grand Slam tournament of 2024: the former world number one should benefit from a wild card for this event, by virtue of being a tennis player in the roll of honour.

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