Stan Wawrinka crowns Novak Djokovic: “He is the best”

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Stan Wawrinka crowns Novak Djokovic: “He is the best”
(Provided by Tennis World USA)

The Big Three made tennis history. Starting from Roger Federerthen the arrival of Rafael Nadal first and Novak Djokovic in the men’s circuit after has changed this sport, in the last twenty years and beyond. The three tennis players took turns chasing records, which they surpassed, beat and smashed one by one.

Not only those who held those records pay the price, but also all the opponents who got in their way and who were defeated by their hands. However, the one who managed to carve out his space in the domain of these three sporting stars is Stan Wawrinka.

Still in the circuit, present in the main draw of Wimbledon, the three-time Grand Slam champion stopped the Big Three in their race for titles.Being a co-protagonist of this storythe Swiss champion talked about the impact of the three single players.In the press conference after the first round of Wimbledonwon against Emiil Ruusuvuori in three comfortable results, he was asked what is the best version of a tennis player you can have.

Stan: “Right now I just take Djokovic and that’s it”

The proposed options are: Nadal on clay or Djokovic in Australia, or Federer maybe in 2006.Stan said: “Right now I just take Djokovic and that’s it.

You have the best player right now. I need to think about it a bit, but obviously if you take those three players and mix them a little bit together you have the best player never played this game. Because by themselves they already have all the records by winning everything and being at the top for more than 15 years, so obviously they are ahead of everyone.”Wawrinka who then praises the only Big 3 tennis player who is still activeNovak Djokovic; against the retired Roger Federer and a Rafael Nadal on a break from tennis to recover from his injury. Stan is the player who has beaten in two of the three Grand Slam finals that he has won: at the Roland Garros in 2015 , at the US Open in 2016.

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