The Open, 2.7 million dollars for the winner

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The British Open is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments given its status as a major and one of the events that distributes the most economic prizes. Thus, the oldest major men’s golf tournament (it has been held since 1860) has increased its budget and , if 11.5 million dollars were distributed in 2021, the organization of the tournament has raised it to 14 million.

Even with everything, the British Open is the fifth golf tournament that distributes the most economic prizes, behind the three majors (PGA Championship, Masters and US Open), and the Players Championship.

The Open, prize money

As the winner of this historic event, being its 150th edition, Cameron Smith has engraved his name in the golf history books and takes the highest value amount, which amounts to 2.7 million dollars (2.5 millions of euros).

As runner-up, Cameron Young will receive $1,620,000 (almost one and a half million euros), and Rory McIlroy, who closes the podium, will receive $1,020,000 (almost one million euros). Jon Rahm, who finished 34th, will take home around $70,000 (69,000 euros).

For its part, the organization of the tournament will distribute up to 14 million dollars to the 70 best classified. “There have been significant changes to prize money over the last year,” said Martin Slumbers, CEO of R&A.

“Therefore, we have increased the prize fund by 22%, which means that the prize money has increased by more than 60% since 2016, ″ he commented. The Open Championship (often referred to as The Open or British Open), is the The oldest of the four major tournaments in professional golf.

It is the only “major” played outside the United States and is administered by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, which is the governing body of golf outside the United States and Mexico. The Open Championship is played in the week containing the third Friday in July, and is thus held as the third major tournament each year, after The Masters Tournament and the US Open, but before the PGA Championship.

The championship is alternately played on one of ten selected links courses in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. In 2011, The Open had a prize pool of £ 5.0 million, with £ 900,000 in first prize – an increase of £ 150,000 over the last three years.

Historically, The Open’s prize money has been the lowest among the four major tournaments, but in the period from 2002 to 2008, The Open’s prize money was the largest. The championship consists of a 72-hole stroke play tournament with a cut after the first 36 holes that narrows the field to the 70 best-placed players (as well as players with the same score as No.

70). As the only one of the four major tournaments, The Open Championship operates with a four-hole replay format if first place is split after 72 holes. However, this replay continues as a sudden death replay if first place is still split after four holes.

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