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Tiger Woods is a man who made a huge fortune playing golf and has been at the very top for years when looking at income from tournaments and sponsors. However, he has now broken a record. Tiger Woods became a billionaire and he is the third athlete who has assets estimated at at least one billion dollars (950 million euros), Forbes magazine reported.

Despite all the adversity he has faced in his career, Woods, 46, remains one of the richest athletes in the world, earning over $1.7 billion in salary, endorsements, and other income during his 27-year career—and it is a record that only he can achieve.

Forbes now estimates his net worth to be at least one billion dollars, based on his lifetime earnings, making him one of only three athletes who have achieved the same. The others are NBA player LeBron James, who used his fame and fortune to take ownership stakes in numerous companies.

Next to him is perhaps the greatest basketball legend, Michael Jordan, who made a smart move when he decided to buy the Charlotte Hornets team.

Tiger Woods

Tiger had a huge offer from LIV Golf, a new tour that wants to break records and has a huge amount of money in its possession.

However, he refused, even though the LIV Golf tournament is backed by Saudi Arabia and big money is at stake. Greg Norman, director of the newly formed golf series, which was created with the financial support of Saudi Arabia and is in a battle with the PGA, said some time ago that Woods was offered a high nine-figure sum to play in the LIV series, but the American turned down the offer.

It is obvious that money is not his primary motive, and that he has already earned enough. The famous Forbes magazine emphasized on its website that Woods’ prize money represents less than ten percent of his assets, and most parts of his wealth was obtained through sponsorship contracts and investments in other areas.

Until 2012, Tiger Woods was in the position of the athlete who made the highest profit for ten years in a row, and what is fascinating is the fact that he remained among the highest paid athletes even after several scandals and traffic accidents.

Thus, in the last 12 months, even though he recovered from a serious car accident and hardly played on tours, he earned as much as 68 million US dollars (64.6 million euros).

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