Ex-Chelsea FC doctor suspects Emma Raducanu has abdominal strain

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Doctor Ralph Rogers suspects Emma Raducanu has suffered an abdominal strain and that she won’t be fit for Wimbledon. In her Nottingham first round match versus Viktorija Golubic, Raducanu suffered an injury in the opening game of the match and retired while 3-4 down .

Raducanu called the physio during the first changeover but wasn’t able to finish the match. If Raducanu has indeed suffered an abdominal injury, there is no way she would be able to play effectively at Wimbledon. Dr Rogrs worked for Chelsea Football Club and is a consultant in regenerative orthopaedics and sports medicine.

“The only thing I can think about, having not seen it, is that it’s some sort of abdominal strain, an acute strain. Because that is how these things happen,” Dr Rogers told The Telegraph. “Unlikely if it is that type of injury.

If it’s this kind of strain, it most likely would not allow her to play, or would not allow her to play effectively”.

Dr Rogers fears Raducanu won’t be fit to play Wimbledon

On Wednesday, Raducanu announced her withdrawal from next week’s WTA event in Birmingham but added she hopes to be fit for Wimbledon.

“It was disappointing to go out this week with a side injury and unfortunately will no longer be able to play in Birmingham,” Raducanu told LTA. “I’m looking forward to be back on the match court soon though to enjoy the rest of the grass season”.

Reflecting on the injury, Dr Rogers suggested abdominal strains take more time to heal than it might seem. “There’s a thing called the ‘Iceberg Principle’, which I refer to a lot when I talk to my patients.

And what happens is, if you look at the tip of the iceberg just outside the water, it’s like, ‘I feel great’. If somebody injures themselves, after 10 days or whatever, they say, ‘I feel great’. But what happens is, underneath, the body’s still healing.”

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