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Danielle Kang revealed sad news after the second round of the US Open. Namely, Kang was diagnosed with a tumor on his spine. Kang revealed that she has to go through certain procedures and that it will take time to determine things.

“I’ve gone through a lot of procedures so far, and with the process of elimination we are narrowing it down,” Kang said for skysports. “It’s going to take time.” Kang also has other problems, and she has a big fight ahead of her.

There are some other details she didn’t want to talk about. “Right now, it’s not as simple as blaming the tumor to be the problem,” Kang said. “It’s not just that I have an issue with my back, there is more to it.

“The scary part is that, I understand, and I didn’t want to publicise it, but I know it got out. There’s more to it. I just don’t want to really discuss the details of what’s going on in my back .”

Kang on problems with the pain

Kang doesn’t seem to have a problem with pain and can still play golf.

The question is how long she will be able to, but she is left with optimism and hope that things will be fine. It’s hard to judge anything at the moment. “I’m not feeling fantastic but I’m playing golf, which is good,” she said when asked if she was playing in pain, as quoted by usatoday “I’m good enough to kind of play.

All I wanted to do was compete. I feel like I can, just got a little unlucky out there today, made a crazy triple. Other than that, I actually played really solid”. “It could be a week, it could be months ,” she said, “I don’t have the answer”. We wish her a speedy recovery and as few problems as possible.

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