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The PGA Tour brought great profits not only to the stars of the PGA Tour but also to those who will play for the first time. The Earnings Assurance Program will provide participants with a minimum of $500,000 (those who will perform in at least 15 events) .

Taylor Montgomery could not hide his happiness, considering that he will be part of the Tour. “It’s crazy. It’s been a crazy day. I think the thing about it is maybe that little bit of security early on, knowing you can take care of your expenses.

If you struggle early getting your feet under you, there’s no reason to panic. I know myself, it won’t change what I’m doing. I’m not going to fly private when some guys might. I think this just puts us a little more in line with other pro sports”.

– he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

Brandon Matthews on PGA Tour changes

Brandon Matthews is also happy about the new PGA Tour decisions. He thinks it’s an ideal chance for a rookie. However, his goals are even greater. “It’s a great time to be a rookie on the PGA Tour no matter what, even before this was announced,he told Golf Digest.

“But that $500,000, the way it’s structured, it’s nice. It’s a fantastic thing that they’re doing and should have done a while ago. But look, if you believe in yourself to excel out there, that isn’t really going to matter anyway”.

Tyson Alexanderwho will also debut on the PGA Tour, was delighted with the new changes. He believes that the PGA Tour had to make these moves considering the influence of LIV Golf. “With what’s happening with the LIV tour, I think the PGA Tour had to take a look in the mirror and maybe take care of us if we reached that level”.

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