It’s nice to have money, but it’s not something that drives me

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Viktor Hovland: It’s nice to have money, but it’s not something that drives me
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Viktor Hovlanda 25-year-old Norwegian did a great thing and won the FedEx Cup trophy. From the very beginning of the tournament, he showed that he was in great shape. What is interesting is that Hovland won an impressive $18 million.

After the tournament, reporters immediately asked Hovland if he thought about the huge prize during the tournament, and he answered;“Obviously it’s a lot of cash you’re playing for. I mean, it’s in the back of your mind,” said Hovland, as quoted by!

“But I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Money goes a long ways there. It’s not like I’m spending money out the wazoo every week. I don’t need a lot to be happy. I don’t need a lot to live within my means”. Hovland emphasized that money is an important thing for everyone, but it is not the only motive for playing golf.

There are many other things that drive him and why he plays golf.“It’s nice for my family to have that protection and my, you know, eventual kids, that I’ll have in the future. It’s nice to have that, but it’s not something that drives me, it’s not something that gives me meaning.

I find meaning in other places. But obviously with how society works, money is something you need.”

Viktor Hovland on his plans and Tiger Woods tactics

The Norwegian already has plans for the future, and he revealed to reporters what he will do first;“It’s been a long week, and I sweated so much this week, so I’m kind of just getting ready to take it easy and just soak it all in.”Tiger Woods is an idol for many, so it seems to be the same for Hovland.

He applied some of the tactics of this legendary golfer, and it immediately brought him results.“The game plan was trying to play as boring as possible, just trying to play like Tiger back in the day when he would post the 69 or a 70 in a Major Championship and walk away with a victory”.

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