Jelena Dokic attacks ‘evil and disgusting’ fat shamers

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Former Australian tennis player Jelena Dokic slammed the fat shamerscalling them evil and disgusting trolls who attacked her once again on social media. Let’s see what happened. She grew up in poverty, and her life, with recent suicidal thoughts and abuse at the hands of her father, has not been easy.

now the woman’s battle is against the haters, sharing a disgusting message that she had seen from a fan.The troll wrote: “I really don’t think it’s fair that a whale like Jelena Dokic takes my joy of watching tennis and turns it into shit.

All she does is say how good she is. I bet it would take her 10 minutes to run the 100 meters. Please get rid of her. Just the sight makes me shut down.” Dokic, sharing this horrific message, said: “This first picture? evil. No other words for it.

Disgusting. People should be so ashamed. It really doesn’t matter what I’m doing and what happened because the size shouldn’t have importance. Kindness and being a good person are important to those of you who abuse me and others are clearly not.” She also revealed that she came very close to taking her own life last year because she wanted the pain and suffering to end.

Jelena Dokic attacks ‘evil and disgusting’ fat shamers

Dokic shared also another truly horrific message: “Now that the Australian Open is starting, Jelena Dokic will try to kill herself like she does every year,” one commenter wrote to her in Serbian.

Dokic replied: “What matters is your online abuse, bullying and fat shaming. That is what matters because those of you who do it are just evil, mean, mean and ignorant people. I can and will get in shape for myself and for my health, but you will not become a better person.

The weight will change but the evil people will stay evil. I am here to fight for everyone out there who is being mistreated and shamed. I will also be kind and (I will be) the bigger person, unlike you trolls, and I won ‘t reveal your identity.

I love you all. Even the trolls, because you give me so much motivation and inspiration to do what I do and to fight against people like you. For everyone out there who support me and you are so many, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Patrick Mouratoglou supports then former Australian player: “You are doing a great job Jelena.

Don’t even read those comments and don’t give them any importance. You will always find unhappy/envious/negative people on social media.”

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