Rafael Nadal thanks Oscar singer for US Open support

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Rafael Nadal thanked Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra – famous for singing the Oscar-nominated song Dos Oruguitas (present on the animated movie Encanto’s soundtrack list) and for songs like Pareja del Ano and Robarte un Beso – for supporting him in the first round of the US Open.

Yatra was in the stands in Nadal’s first round match against Rinky Hijikata and filmed the Spaniard match point.

“Vamos, Rafa!” the singer captioned the video.

In another post, Sebastian Yatra thanked Nadal for inviting him to the match. “Every time I see myself clapping on TV I say I need to learn how to do it right and with style. It never happens. Thank you Rafael Nadal for inviting us to live up close something so unique,” ​​said Yatra on Instagram.

At US Open, Yatra also met with another Spanish tennis star, Carlos Alcaraz.

The singer posted a photo with Carlitos as well.

“Yesterday we nearly swapped the mic for the racket,” Sebastian captioned the pic.

Yatra talked about his song’s apparition in Encanto

Talking to CNN, Sebastian Yatra unveiled what he thinks about Encanto, the animated movie that brought him an Oscar nomination. “I cried at the beginning of the movie,” Yatra told CNN en Español.

“To watch a Disney movie about Colombia, that shows different elements that are so specific about my country, the people, the family… knowing that I am part of that, I started crying like a little child.” “It is the first time that Disney leaves a song sung in Spanish playing all over the planet.

So it is not only in the United States and throughout Latin America that they hear ‘Dos Oruguitas’ in Spanish, but also in China, Russia, Afghanistan… wherever it is playing, it is in Spanish,” Yatra explained.

“It is a film that is representing Latinos and Colombians around the world. Everything in ‘Dos Oruguitas’ and ‘ Encanto’ has been a dream come true.”

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