Tiger Woods, fingers crossed for Rome 2023

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Bringing young people closer to golf was one of the cornerstones for the entire Ryder Cup project. Lavinia Biagiotti said that she personally dedicates some of her time to them every day. “Yup. The future of this sport depends on the new generations.

Marco Simone and our president support and will support various initiatives in this regard. As a club we are the proud under-18 team champions of Italy. Investing, supporting and promoting this sport is one of our most important goals.

On Monday, we will take the opportunity to make children experience a different dimension outside the usual clichés, fun, exciting and exciting ”

Lavinia Biagiotti, statements

“The growth of foreign visitors to Rome and Lazio is growing sharply and from the chats with colleagues, foreign visitors have also increased in the rest of Italy.

In Lazio we are talking with the other clubs to present a level of quality that matches the commitment that awaits us. Fortunately, there is great support from the Region which has not only been a partner and sponsor of the Italian Open but is supporting golf tourism with important initiatives such as that of the IGTM.

The most important golf tourism fair will take place in Rome from 17 to 20 October. The Region also supports minor projects such as fam-trips that have led tour operators and journalists to discover the territory of the most important camps.

Less known destinations are also being rediscovered until now such as Fiuggi and Castelgandolfo ”. “Yes, we’re ready but we can and must improve some aspects. Opening up to tourism means optimizing the planning of the races on the calendar to leave more space for foreigners.

It means investing in the digitization of booking services and adequately implementing services such as golf carts and equipment rental ”. “Tiger Woods is the most charismatic character the world of golf has ever had.

Having it in Italy as well as being a dream would be an important tool to bring not only young people closer but people of all ages to golf, fingers crossed”

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