Tim Henman warns Emma Raducanu what not to do after multiple surgeries

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Tim Henman warns Emma Raducanu what not to do after multiple surgeries
(Provided by Tennis World USA)

Former British No 1 Tim Henman is advising Emma Raducanu to return to tennis only when she feels 100 percent healthy and ready to do so. Raducanu, 20, was struggling with injuries for quite some time before surgically repairing both of her wrists and her left ankle .

On June 1st, Raducanu and coach Sebastian Sachs split after six months of working together. Henman says Raducanu absolutely should not rush her comeback and the former British tennis player is also advising Raducanu to use the prolonged break from tennis to address her team structure.

“From Emma’s point of view, she’s had these three surgeries, she’s going to be out of the game for some time. It’s a really good opportunity for her to get that structure right. That includes a tennis coach, a physio and a fitness trainer .

Hopefully, that’s something she will implement so when she is ready to come back and work on her game he’s got a good team around her,” Henman told Metro.

Henman warns Raducanu not to return until 100 percent healthy

“It’s related to if she is healthy.

If she’s healthy, has done all the rehabilitation and fitness work and she is ready to play, then play. If she’s not, then don’t play. It’s going to be dictated by her body. She’s got to be 100 percent fit,” Henman added.

Raducanu is set to miss Wimbledon but there are no guarantees that the Briton will be able to return during the North American hard court swing. Currently, Raducanu is in the process of rehabbing from her multiple surgeries.

Considering that Raducanu recently had three surgeries, some think that the Briton could very easily decide to skip the remainder of the 2023 season and then focus on preparing for a strong comeback in 2024. For Raducanu, undergoing multiple surgeries at 20 wasn’t an easy decision but she felt it was something she needed to do after struggling with injuries for a longer period.

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