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We at The Equalizer are looking forward to covering this year’s World Cup in depth, but we’re just as excited about the future. In two months, the United States competes at another major finals. But in three months, a new tournament cycle begins. With that in mind, we want to think one step ahead, and assess the major prospects that could carry the national team forward. These are our top 50 USWNT prospects to watch out for ahead of the World Cup in 2027. This is the next generation, part five.

About the series

Because this series focuses on the future of the United States women’s national team, we are only considering players who will be under the age of 27 when the 2023 World Cup ends. Due to the complexity of comparing college and professional players, this series is limited to players who are already pros. A lot can change in the next four years, so we aren’t ranking these players purely on form. Some of them are not at the peak of their powers right now; others aren’t necessarily playing in their best position.

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10. Taylor Kornieck

  • Age: 24
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Club: San Diego Wave

Kornieck stands out due to her height — at 6-foot-1 she is the tallest outfield player ever to represent the USWNT. She is an aerial threat, and her flick-ons have produced numerous scoring chances for the likes of Alex Morgan and Jaedyn Shaw at club level. But she also possesses other vital qualities, namely clever movement and nimble footwork. Kornieck has been tried at defensive midfield by the national team, but don’t be fooled by her physical profile or unflashy nature. Her long-term future is most likely to be as a roving, attack-minded midfielder, crashing the box to score.

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