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Cristiano Ronaldo was presented as Al-Nassr for the first time on Tuesday after the former Manchester United superstar signed a record-breaking contract with the Saudi Arabian club.

Cristiano Ronaldo has claimed he turned a number of clubs down to get a “unique opportunity” to play for Al-Nassr Bets10 Mobil.

Cristiano Ronaldo responds to critics about the Saudi move and lists offers he rejected

The 37-year-old icon was first introduced as a player for the Saudi Arabian club on Tuesday, signing a massive £173m annual contract.

Ronaldo signed on at the dotted line after his tough and tough Manchester United debut was confirmed before the World Cup kicked off in November baptiste .

Cristiano Ronaldo

He flew to the Middle East over the weekend before the club’s official unveiling in front of fans at the 25,000-seat Mrsool Park Stadium. In his speech before going on the field, he told the gathered press that he moved to Saudi Arabia with his ambitious plans to change the mentality in the country.

“So far I feel very good. As you have mentioned before, I am proud to have made this decision in my life. I am done in Europe. I have won everything, played in the most important clubs and now it is a new challenge for me in Asia.

“I am grateful that Al-Nassr gave me the opportunity to show and improve not only for the younger generation, but also for the generation of women. Bets10 It is a challenge but I am very proud.”

Ronaldo later responded to critics by arguing that he couldn’t find any other offers, revealing that he had approaches from around the world but chose a unique offer. Bets10 I can say that I have many opportunities in Europe right now, many clubs in Brazil, Australia, USA and even Portugal tried to get me.

But I promised this club to develop the country, not just the club. I know what I want, but I also know what I don’t want.”


Ronaldo continued: “I’m a unique player, I broke all the records there [Europe], so I want to beat a few here. This contract is unique because I’m unique, so that’s normal.”

On his family’s decision to move from Europe to Saudi Arabia, he said, “They are happy too. Best10 My family, especially my children, support me when I make the decision! They are very happy, the welcome was wonderful, we feel good. The people of Saudi Arabia are very nice to me and my family.”

There are only two days until Al-Nassr’s next league game, and Ronaldo has hinted that he is up for the election should coach Rudi Garcia choose to kick him out of the team. Say hello to the leaders of the Saudi Pro League on January 14.

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