Saudi lawyer’s official complaint to expel Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo

A Saudi lawyer submitted an official complaint to the country’s prosecutor’s office and demanded the expulsion of Cristiano Ronaldo from Saudi Arabia.

According to Faffbetgiris, Nouf bin Ahmad, a lawyer, has said through social networks that he intends to submit a request to the Saudi prosecutor’s office to arrest and deport Cristiano Ronaldo from this country due to an obscene act.

After the match of the 25th week of the Arabian League against Al-Hilal, which ended with a 2-0 defeat of his team, the Portuguese striker Al-Nasr committed an obscene and immoral act in response to the shouts of Lionel Messi’s name from the stands.

Nouf bin Ahmed said: I don’t follow sports. Even if Cristiano was provoked, his behavior is a crime. Violation of public modesty is one of the crimes that, if committed by a foreigner, is punishable by arrest and deportation. We will file a petition in this matter.

This incident led to a widespread reaction among the Saudi people, which was mostly related to the condemnation of Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior. Al-Hilal veterans and Saudi media people also made this move.

Faisal Abuthunain, a former player of Al-Hilal team, wrote on his personal page: “The Saudi Football Federation is facing a test against this shameful move. The Saudi League strives to compete globally and recruit international stars to bring excitement, not disgraceful behavior! Regardless of reputation, does the observance of courtesy prevail over the enforcement of law and order against offenders?

One of the Saudi activists, Haluseh Al-Atawi, also wrote about this in cyberspace: “Unfortunately, he is shameless and rude. We have families and children who follow the matches. The minimum punishment for this behavior is expulsion from Saudi Arabia so that it will be a lesson for others.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s inappropriate move and the Emirati website’s prediction of his future

Baptiste-giabiconi” website of the Emirates wrote after the end of the Riyadh derby; “The final scene of the match held at Al-Hilal’s home stadium foreshadows what the future holds for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Al-Hilal fans brought Lionel Messi’s long-time rival Ronaldo’s shirt to the stadium in this match, a player who is speculated about his transfer to the Asian champion in the next season, and if this transfer is realized, the fight between the two superstars will be drawn to the lands of Saudi Arabia. became”.

Also, Saudi “Al-Riyazia” website unveiled the dream team of 38-year-old Ronaldo. The captain of the Portuguese national football team has chosen the best team from among the players he played with during his illustrious career at Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus.

Cristiano Ronaldo has played 11 games in Saudi Arabia this season and scored 11 goals.

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