Expressing the confidence of the head coach of Al-Fatfam about Messi ‘s presence in the Saudi League

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The head coach of the Saudi team expressed confidence that Lionel Messi will be transferred to the league of this country.

According to Betist, Antonio Cazorla, the head coach of Saudi Arabia’s Al-Fatqaman football team, said:
“Cristiano Ronaldo’s entry into the Saudi league has made the league of this country flourish.”

This is an incredible media showcase. The Saudi League is making more money and attracting more media. In Spain, new news about Al-Nasr is published every day.

This tells you about the importance of big names coming into the league and the interest in continuing to make big purchases.
Every time Al-Nasr plays, there is a great desire to watch it, their stadium is always full and rival fans also come.

Cazorla said about Lionel Messi’s presence in the Saudi League: “There is a lot of talk about Messi here.” I don’t know what will happen, but I’m sure they have a plan to attract Messi or another big star.
The feeling of the fans and the media is that they are going the right way and they are going to sign a
contract with Lionel Messi.

Xavi: The fans are excited about Messi’s possible return to Barcelona/I am not worried

The head coach of Barcelona talked about Lionel Messi’s possible return to Camp Nou after his team’s
home draw against Girona in the Spanish La Liga.

According to the Baptiste-giabiconi, Xavi Hernandez, whose team under his leadership last night
(Monday) in the last game of the 28th week of the Spanish La Liga and in the Camp Nou Stadium against
Girona settled for a goalless draw, said after the match:
We are in a very good situation and there is no concern.

I do not have. It was a very good game and there were many opportunities. We did a lot of good things during the game. We did very well in putting the opponent under pressure and that made us get the ball
back from the opponent very quickly.

The head coach of Barcelona, whose students gained 72 points with this tie and increased their gap at the
top of the La Liga standings with Real Madrid to 13 points,
continued his speech as follows: We must close this gap (with Real Madrid) before the start of the season.

we used to When you don’t win a game like this, that too at home, you think to yourself that if we had
won this game, we would be leading by 15 points,
but we have to look at this positively because we have a safety margin of 13 points at the top of the table.

In the end, he said about the possibility of the seven Ballon d’Or winner returning to Barcelona:
I see that the fans are excited about the possible return of Messi to Barcelona, so that there are two
consecutive games where his name is played in the stadium. We are currently focused on winning La Liga and then we will see what happens.

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